Hugo says Hello

Hugo says Hello


Hello! My name is Hugo and I am Reception's class bear. I help the children with their activities and they show me lots of new things they have learnt. The children like to carry me around in the classroom and encourage me to join in with their fun and games. Every Friday Mrs Black and Miss Taylor draw a name out of the pot and I get to go home with that child on the weekend. When I go home with someone Mrs Black really likes it if we take pictures together of our adventures. After taking your photos please could you email them to Mrs Howe/Mrs Lunn in the office using the email address woburn@cbc.beds.sch.uk


I cannot wait for our adventures together and learning new things about the world around us.

My Weekly Diary


Hugo’s Blog – Week commencing 15th January 2018


Hello everyone.


This week we have been reading ~ The Elves and the Shoemaker ~ which has caused great excitement as every morning we have found a different pair of shoes waiting for us in the classroom from the elves! We have done some super written work about the elves which you can see on our display boards and made our own little elves too.


In Mathematics we have been learning how to add one to a number and have started to write down the number sentence. We found this a bit tricky but we will practise again next week.


Our science experiment turned black paper shoes into rainbow shoes using plain water and clear nail varnish. It was like magic!


What a busy week!


Next weeks ‘Show and Tell’ group is the Tigers.


Lots of Love


Hugo X





Hugo’s Weekly Update – Week commencing 1st January 2018


Happy New Year everyone!


I was so pleased to be back at school and see all my little friends in Nursery and Reception.


We began the week with our first story of the term ‘The Gingerbread Man’. It is a story we are learning off by heart and we will do more work on it next week.


In phonics, we are reviewing the digraph sounds and we have our friend Geraldine the Giraffe to help us. She is very naughty and makes us laugh a lot. You can visit her website to practise your letter sounds at ~ www.mrthorne.com/geraldine-the-giraffe-learns-ow/.


In Maths, we are learning how to make sensible estimates of a number of objects in a group. It is quite tricky and I think I am going to have to practise a lot more.


Come and visit this page next week to find out about my weekend sleepover and I will tell you everything we have been doing in school over the week.


‘Show and Tell’ will be on Thursday afternoons and I will let you know in my blog which group is the ‘Show and Tell’ group for the following week. Mrs Black is sorting out the groups next week.


Lots of Love




Hugo X

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