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Single Letter Sounds Songs



Jolly Phonics actions for single letter sounds.


Whilst learning a new sound, we play a game called 'silly soup'. Firstly we have a saucepan and a spoon, and then phonics pots with different objects that begin with each sound, for example in the pot for the sound 'h' there is a house, a hanger, a helmet, and a hat. The children then sing the song and I say the child's name whose turn it is to pick an object starting with the sound that I say in the song.


"We're stirring up our silly soup to make it nice and hot,

We're finding things that start with _ to put them in our pot."


After the child has found an object we continue the song and another child finds an object, this is then repeated until they have all had a turn. We then pretend to cook the soup and taste it afterwards saying if it is yummy or if it is disgusting.


The children really enjoy this game and it is a good activity to promote not only the childrens phonetic knowledge but also the children's personal social and emotional development.


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Two Letter Sounds Songs